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What are Dunnage Bags?

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When shipping goods across the world, it is vital to protect your valuable cargo. Most shippers do so by using dunnage, which refers to various materials used to stabilize, secure, and protect cargo during shipping. One such piece of dunnage is the dunnage bag, which is used to secure everything from corrugated hazmat boxes to containers holding furniture or electronics. 

Are you still wondering what dunnage bags are and what they are used for? Learn the basics about what a dunnage bag is, how it works, and why it is the ideal packaging material to secure your important cargo. 

What are Dunnage Bags?

Dunnage bags are inflatable bags that are placed between cargo containers to hold them in place during shipping. They are used to secure packaged goods during air, sea, and land transport by preventing cargo from toppling or shifting during the journey. 

Dunnage bags are typically made from polyethylene, which is given a transparent polymer film outer covering. They come in a variety of sizes, usually between 3’ and 8’ long. This range allows shippers to choose the appropriate size to fit between different crates, coils, barrels, and cases carrying their goods. 

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How Do Dunnage Bags Work?

Dunnage bags work by filling the void between storage containers to brace them in place during shipping. The polymer bag is inflated using compressed air, which is trapped inside by an air-lock mechanism. This ensures the dunnage bag stays at the proper psi (pound per square inch) pressure during transport. 

Once secured between shipping containers, the dunnage bag prevents longitudinal and lateral movement of the cargo, stabilizing it in place for the duration of the journey. Dunnage bags can also be used between containers and the larger shipping container to secure the items further. 

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Why Use Dunnage Bags?

Dunnage bags provide ideal support and stabilization for your cargo. They are made of lightweight, waterproof, durable plastics like polyethylene, which help reduce transportation costs and make them recyclable or reusable. Dunnage bags come in various sizes, so they’re ideal for any type of cargo you are shipping. 

Dunnage bags not only protect your cargo but also reduce the dangerous effects of load shifting during transport. Also, because dunnage bags fit between shipping containers such as crates and boxes, they can be used between specially designed lithium ion battery packaging and hazardous materials. These two elements help create a safe environment for those who transport the products and receive them.  

Dunnage bags also serve the purpose of protecting your cargo, thereby protecting your financial and business assets. They are cost-effective to ensure goods are transported successfully, reducing loss due to damage during shipment. 

Where to Find Quality Dunnage Bags

Air Sea Containers carries high-quality dunnage bags that are perfect for shipping any type of container. They come in various sizes, ranging from 24” x 54” to 48” x 104”, in pallet and crate quantities. The Air-Lock Truck Dunnage Bags are made of inflatable plastic covered in a transparent polymer film. 

The dunnage bags from Air Sea Containers also provide the following benefits:

  • Low cost
  • Durable
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • High-speed inflation
  • Secures into place next to stretch film
  • The bag can stretch and expand
  • The transparent appearance allows for spotting contraband

In addition to these perks, dunnage bags from Air Sea Containers are #4 recyclable and reusable. This makes them a good choice for eco-conscious shippers who want to protect their cargo and the environment. 

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Using dunnage bags is simple and convenient. First, open the valve at the end of the bag, with the blue side facing you. Then, insert your inflator into the tube, pressing down on the valve with your finger. Before inflating, place the bag between your shipping containers. Inflate the bag, remove the adhesive strip and fold it over to lock in the air pressure. Air Sea Containers’ dunnage bags can fit into spaces of up to 24”. 

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Protect Your Cargo With Dunnage Bags

Dunnage bags are the ideal shipping material to protect your valuable cargo. They are lightweight yet durable, and they perform the duty of stabilizing cargo well. Dunnage bags are a cost-effective way to ensure your shipment reaches its destination safely while preventing unnecessary accidents due to the shifting of materials. 

Visit Air Sea Containers online to view our wide selection of packaging for hazardous and non-hazardous materials.


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