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Post Covid-19 I Air Cargo I Where it Stands.

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N. I Malik
Strategic Business Analyst at Elite Aviation

Air freight companies are counting up charter flights to their networks to complement the widespread closures linked to the Covid 19 outbreak. Delta Cargo has launched a global charter service in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK to carry cargo at a time of uncertainty and change, the airline said. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) said on Friday it welcomed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) decision to suspend the use of lost slots at airports until June. 

As a result of the disruption of global supply chains, commercial airlines and air freight companies are trying to bridge alternative sources to expand the range of air freight services as they cope with major economic disruptions. Chinese airlines will be helped to expand their fleets through lease agreements and purchases, the State Council said in a statement after Tuesday’s meeting. The State Council also said mergers between aviation, freight and logistics companies will be “encouraged” and express delivery companies will receive support for expansion. 

Air cargo capacity is critical in times of crisis and has been classified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as critical infrastructure for the industry. Air freight companies have expanded in recent years to offer a wider range of services, such as air freight delivery, freight transport and cargo storage. According to a recent Air Cargo World report, the recent global economic crisis in the Middle East and North Africa has triggered an expansion of transport and logistics networks and services, including ways to strengthen the supply chain and respond to growing demand for air freight. 

Similarly, critical goods end up in the hands of companies and people in need. American Airlines reports that more than half of its cargo flights to the Middle East and North Africa carry enough food to support people working from home, as well as food, clothing, medical care and other essentials. 

China will continue to offer more charter flights and open new routes to ensure people in the Middle East and North Africa have access to essential goods, “he said. To date, we have seen an increase in international cargo traffic of more than 30% and a fleet of cargo ships of more than 100%. All stakeholders in both the freight and passenger industries are looking forward to a post-pandemic era in which we can return to global transportation of people and cargo, which is well described by United’s slogan, “Connecting the People.” 

Cargo capacities have suffered a blow as passenger traffic has ceased and more than half of the total volume of air cargo is carried in the belly of passenger 

aircraft. Domestic international cargo and domestic passenger flights totalled 930 per week last year, which is close to pre-outbreak levels. 

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