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EasyJet Starts Diverse Cabin Crew Recruitment Campaign – AirlineGeeks.com

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easyJet, British low-cost carrier, has launched a recruitment campaign featuring individuals from diverse backgrounds. The campaign aims to prove that anyone with the right skills can excel as a cabin crew member regardless of their previous career. This initiative comes as easyJet plans to hire over 1,000 new cabin crew members this year.

The campaign’s stars include an opera singer, a former chef, an ex-radio presenter, a dental nurse, an optician, and even a Parisian police officer, demonstrating the wide range of talents and experiences that can be an asset in this role.

The key aspect of the campaign is focusing on misconceptions surrounding the cabin crew profession. According to research conducted by the British budget airline, 75% of Brits still believe that cabin crew is predominantly a role for women. This stereotype discourages many men from considering the job.

So, the main goal of this campaign is to change these perceptions by showcasing men who have successfully transitioned into cabin crew roles since the analysis revealed that 45% of surveyed men would have considered this profession if they had seen more male representation.

One of the most remarkable findings from the research is that 97% of respondents were unaware that it only takes four weeks of training to become a cabin crew member. Many believed it would take more than six months, indicating a lack of awareness about the accessibility of this career path.

The campaign’s launch on easyJet’s social media channels across the UK signals the airline’s commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within its cabin crew team. EasyJet invites individuals from all backgrounds and experiences to consider a career that offers opportunities and challenges, breaking stereotypes and proving that anyone can succeed in the sky.

This is not the first time easyJet has started a cabin crew campaign. Last year, easyJet initiated a recruitment campaign encouraging individuals aged 45 and above to consider joining its cabin crews, responding to the UK’s workforce shortages.

Last year’s campaign primarily targeted “empty nesters,” parents whose children have moved out, as well as individuals seeking new career challenges later in life, since research conducted by the British carrier found that more than 78% of UK adults over 45 expressed a desire for fresh challenges after their children had left home.

easyJet is Europe’s second biggest low-cost airline in terms of passengers carried, after Ryanair. It operates on Europe’s most popular routes than any other airline. In 2022, the airline carried over 69 million passengers, with 9.5 million traveling for business. With a fleet of over 300 aircraft, easyJet operates on nearly 1,000 routes to more than 150 airports across 35 countries.

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