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Embraer Wants To Hire 1,000 New Employees In Brazil

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Today, the Brazilian planemaker Embraer announced the opening of a thousand job vacancies in Brazil, focusing on production rate recovery, Services and Support area growth, product development, and new businesses. Let’s investigate further.

New jobs

Embraer is looking to hire 1,000 new employees in Brazil. That number represents around 5.5% of its current workforce. At the end of 2022, the Embraer Group had about 18,000 employees. The Brazilian company is looking to increase its number of workers to cope with the incoming demand. The aviation industry (both commercial and executive) is bouncing from the COVID-19 pandemic, and Embraer is already feeling the pressure.

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According to Embraer’s estimates already presented to the market, the volume of aircraft deliveries will increase between 15% and 25% in 2022 compared to the previous year.

Moreover, Embraer expects to fully recover in the coming years, in line with reports presented by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Carlos Alberto Griner, vice president of People, ESG, and Communication, said,

“These hires materialize the strategic plan that includes the resumption of aviation growth and all investment in technology, innovation, and new businesses at Embraer. We are very excited about the market prospects that generate career opportunities in several areas of the company.”

Last month Embraer also began a hiring spree in the United States. The company announced it would hire more than 150 people at its facility in Melbourne, Florida. Embraer was looking for multiple positions Assembly Technicians, A&P Technicians, Aircraft Painters, Quality Inspectors, and Manufacturing Engineers.

Embraer is looking to add 1,000 new employees in Brazil. Photo: Embraer.

Bouncing back from the crisis and Boeing

When the COVID-19 pandemic was just beginning two years ago, Boeing scrapped a US$4.2 billion tie-up with Embraer.

Boeing had plans to buy Embraer’s commercial jet division, and both companies announced the deal in 2018, partially in response to Airbus’ acquisition of the C Series program by Bombardier. This program was later renamed the Airbus A220 family.

In the last two years, Embraer has been rebuilding and finding new ways to bounce back from this broken deal and the pandemic crisis.

According to the company, it has ensured the organization’s sustainability and engineering capacity over the last two years in the face of the impacts caused by the pandemic on the global economy and the cancellation of Embraer’s partnership with Boeing.

Embraer has drawn up and executed a new strategic plan to remain competitive, allowing the company to recover and resume a new growth cycle. This plan includes rehiring personnel.

The new hirings will create a more flexible environment (by looking into hybrid working models like remote vacancies, for example). This matches Embraer employees’ interests and strengthens the company’s culture of innovation.

“Alongside the talents of traditional educational programs that meet the needs of accelerated qualification and natural replacement of professionals, the new employees will contribute to our efforts to have a more agile and competitive company in an increasingly flexible and diverse work environment,” added Griner

Would you like to work for Embraer? Are you considering applying for these jobs? Let us know in the comments below.

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